Thursday, May 19, 2005

Press Release

- - - For Immediate Release - - -

The Librano Party of Canada (LPC) is pleased to announce that it's "best of class" political tactics have once again been validated in the House of Commons.

These tactics are described fully in our upcoming best seller, "How to Screw a Country and be Re-elected", and will be of interest to novice and professional politicians everywhere.

This exciting book, with such sordid chapters as "The Art of Clinging to Power", and "The Art of Buying Votes", will be available from our website at just as soon as the Gomery Commission has concluded.

Although final pricing of this comprehensive and fun-filled manual is not yet decided, a number of flexible acquisition approaches are under consideration:

... one-time payment of $750,000 into our recently-established "Gomery trust fund" account, anonomously donated of course; or

... a commitment to cross the floor of the House, without Cabinet appointment; prerequisite: immediate vote of non-confidence pending; or

... a commitment to cross the floor of the House, with Cabinet appointment; prerequisite: any leadership hopeful of opposition party, and non-confidence motion pending; or

... verification that any recordings, wires, incriminating documents and cancelled cheques have been destroyed; prerequisite: anyone who could possibly do us damage, and NOT to be verified by a LPC accounting firm, please.

In the meantime, please visit our website to view excerpts from this House-shattering best-seller!

Copies of our earlier masterpiece, "The Little Red Book", are unfortunately no longer available to the public.


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